Access Control System


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Access Control Systems offered by GTS are optimized requirements and customer locations providing close staff supervision in some areas and access their records.
Access Control Systems can be used both to prevent intrusions into certain spaces and to keep track of people who have access to certain rooms. The system consists in use by people agreed, into the areas of access control, magnetic or proximity cards, key access code, fingerprint readers or iris readers.


  • Modern access and tally control systems are managed by a Controller, which communicates with a computer in which all the system events are transmitted.
  • Information recorded from the proximity readers are tooled with specialized control and tally software with graphical functions for analyzing the activity of each employee or department.
  • The access control software can restrict or allow access in different areas of an institution according to date, hour, holidays, etc..
  • Proximity cards systems have the great advantage that they don’t wear.
  • Communication with the reader based on electromagnetic waves does not imply physical contact, therefore there is no wear.
  • The company's logo, the picture of the owner and his/her identification data (name, function,, etc.) can be printed on the cards. The card can serve as staff ID card.