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Certifications and partnerships

ONJN Class II License for management activities and hosting facilities on the gaming platform       
GTS Telecom holds the License for management activities and hosting facilities on the gaming platform, granted through Romanian National Gambling Office’s Decision No. 882, of 19th of May, 2015, for a 10 years duration. This certifies the quality of GTS Data Center Services and ensures us the legal right to accommodate the data and equipment of traditional and online gambling operators in our Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca data centers.

ISO 9001 and 27001 Certification in effect
GTS Telecom has implemented and operates an Information Security Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 requirements, certified by DNV Business Assurance.

GTS policy regarding security can be read here.

Compliance declaration ISO 27018   
In order to fully accomodate our cloud and datacenter customers requests, GTS Telecom is compliant with ISO/IEC 27018: 2014 standards.
GTS declaration for compliance with ISO 27018 can be found here.

MEF Certification
GTS Telecom is a member of international organisation Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), taking advantage of direct access to Technical Specifications and new standards defined by MEF.
GTS CE has successfully certified GTS Ethernet services, proving that both GTS Ethernet
Line and GTS Ethernet VPN are compliant with MEF 9 and MEF 14 technical specifications.


Other Certifications

The company holdsISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. GTS policy on quality, environment, health and safety can be found here.

In addition, GTS has completed the certification program for its telecommunications and networks professionals.
Our engineers are among the first in the world to have received the MEF certificate.

GTS is the first Central and Eastern Europe region operator who obtained these certifications, confirming our
leadership position on the regional Ethernet Carrier markets.