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Media & Entertainment, Internet & Technology

Business Problem:

Host & distribute rich media content

Business Solution:

Minimize operational cost, improve user experience


Virtual Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Storage, Backup


"With content solutions, customers can easily expand storage space, add another server group for the workplace or suspend unneeded resources." GTS Product Director


Regardless of whether you offer online media, publish web information or are a data intensive business, your primary goals are to:
  • achieve complete flexibility and unlimited scalability
  • control operational costs
  • manage user experience
Business dynamism requires building computing resources that can handle sudden peaks and occasional fluctuations. This usually leads to oversized and inefficient server architectures where typically more than 80% of the server resources are underutilized.

Business Challenges

All business application implementations require high level expertise and professional support. To the extent that your business relies on computing resources, you will have to manage:
  • problems with scaling your IT infrastructure driven by your business requirements and processes
  • data security updating and recovery
  • business continuity
At the end of the day, the budget matters. You can only achieve your business objectives by selecting the most efficient components for a particular application.


  • most efficient utilization and control of computing resources
  • scalable and quickly deployable resources
  • fully redundant high availability environment
  • best-in-class resilience
  • 24/7/365 monitoring



GTS provides a scalable computing environment built from more efficient standard components that allow precise platform sizing to best suit your business needs while avoiding fixed and inflexible server units.

GTS Virtual Hosting solutions complemented with GTS Data Storage offerings and professional services gives all business customers a fast and scalable package of Compute-as-a-Service products.

If you have any regulatory or specific performance requirements and need the exclusive use of a particular physical device, GTS Dedicated Hosting ensures the highest performance for databases or applications while being connected to the virtual environment.

Easily expandable storage provides an unmatched opportunity to store and maintain your critical data. These products allow you to select, allocate and move computing resources when and where they are needed as required. GTS’s expertise in data center management and Server-as-a-Service products guarantees the highest level of availability, support and professional service.

GTS Products allow you to select, allocate and move computing resources when and where they are needed according to demand.

Virtual Hosting – maximum scalability and fl exibility; pay only for what you really need.
Dedicated Hosting – offers the highest performance for database or applications in both traditional or virtualized architectures.
Storage – flexible and easy to adopt data storage solution for business application.
Backup – specifically designed to ensure that customers can securely access their business data no matter where the source data is located.

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