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Media transport and content distribution solutions

The media landscape is undergoing a transformation due to the increased demand for HD programming and digital media. In the past, media outlets simply needed to support the traditional contribution and distribution value chain in order to reach millions of viewers. With new media, people now view and consume digital content across multiple devices, wherever and whenever they want. In order to prosper and develop new revenue opportunities, the media and entertainment businesses need to move beyond television and offer consumers exceptional content packaged in a customized experience.
The increasing quantity of HD channels and digital content formats has made it more difficult to produce, contribute, and deliver high-quality content efficiently across both traditional and digital media distribution platforms. Our media solutions allow you to support the end-to-end contribution and distribution of digital content through our resilient and secure media network. 


  • Secure platform for content monetization
  • Streamline operations and reduce content life cycle
  • Enhance user experience and gain market share
  • Reduce costs and improve quality of content delivery
  • Highly reliable content delivery
  • Efficiently digitize, store, and archive petabytes of rich media data


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  • Provide high-quality content and improve user experience
  • Streamline contribution and distribution costs
  • Package and monetize new revenue streams
  • Increase availability of unique digital content across a variety of platforms
  • Support occasional-use events in a more cost-effective manner
  • Safeguard against digital piracy with digital rights management (DRM) capabilities
  • Secure content across contribution value chain
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