Innovations that streamline manufacturing operations

With the rise of production capacities and capabilities around the world, manufacturing has become an increasingly global business, featuring a complex supply chain and production process. Advanced information and communication technologies enable manufacturers to fortify gains from global operations. However, a zero inventory policy and mass customization have long been goals for the industry in order to meet demand and adapt to market fluctuations in the most profitable manner. Nowadays, when a typical production and supply chain consists of thousands of specialized suppliers spanning the world, the key is data-driven insight. As manufacturing generates and stores more raw data than any other industry, underlying ICT technologies come to the forefront. The data must be efficiently streamlined from a multitude of sources, from process control systems, through supply chain management systems, to sales performance monitoring systems. These valuable datasets are not only used for operations management, but also to forecast demand, risk exposure, and disruption.

GTS’ robust ICT services and wealth of experience can help you create reliable networking that boosts the efficiency of your supply chain. Our cloud computing platforms enable round-the-clock availability, and our collaboration solutions significantly streamline internal communications between your employees and supply chain partners.


  • Gain access to agile resources to underpin expansion plans
  • Improved resilience and flexibility of business operations
  • Convert large quantities of data into executable information
  • Better preparation for unforeseen events
  • Increase security of proprietary information
  • Strengthen competitive position
  • Enhance IT agility and flexibility
  • Improve collaboration and productivity between your employees and supply chain partners


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  • Enhance business resilience and minimize risk of supply chain process breakdown
  • Increase availability of ERP systems to support zero inventory policy
  • Simplify management and maintenance of core network infrastructure
  • Reinforce readiness for expansion plans and business growth
  • Enable advanced data analytics to improve decision-making and demand forecasting processes
  • Protect sensitive proprietary information
  • Enable collaboration and improve operational efficiency with value chain partners
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