Modernizing healthcare through technology

The healthcare industry faces many challenges, from improving quality of care, through complying with government regulations, to improving operational efficiency costs. Technology plays a vital role in rising to and resolving these challenges. The evolving expectations of patients have created a need for fundamental improvements to their experience and service availability. New regulations have created extraordinary requirements for Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) management, security, and long-term data durability.
Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) require a robust data network in order to streamline information across hospitals, clinics, labs, and secondary care centers. The ability to adapt quickly to a dynamic environment and the improvement of the healthcare process are among the industry’s main concerns. GTS helps healthcare institutions reshape their business models by delivering the innovative Healthcare IT (HIT) solutions to support key priorities.


  • Enhance patient satisfaction and experience
  • Reduce capital outlay and free up your IT resources
  • Improve security and flexibility of patient record exchange
  • Ensure uninterrupted service delivery
  • Enhance availability of information to medical center, practitioners, and mobile workers
  • Easier to meet and adapt to changing regulatory requirements
Business Challenges Solutions Related Products
  • Improve patient care while increasing productivity
  • Digitize healthcare information and provide easy access to all key stakeholders
  • Decrease paper work, prevent medical errors, and increase back-office efficiency
  • Enable business continuity plans in order to be better prepared for unforeseen events
  • Securely connect any location to a robust and reliable data network
  • Streamline costs with ICT solutions
  • Enable the storage and exchange of EHRs
  • Support cost-efficient telehealth collaboration and communication tools for employees, patients and healthcare partners
  • Increase business agility in the process of complying with changing regulations
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