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Technologies that drive innovation

CEE financial institutions face competition and regulatory and cultural challenges that drive their demand for technological advancements and deployments.
While these companies struggle to emerge from a period of slow growth, their requirements for security, compliance, and sustainability have become progressively complex. Customer expectations have also evolved rapidly. In an increasingly fierce environment, the financial community needs to deliver more products and value to clients while seeking new business opportunities.
Consequently, the entire industry is rising to a variety of challenges in which technological innovation is the key to future prosperity. GTS, having long-term experience in the development of robust and secure financial environments, is here to enable innovation that will drive your business forward.


  • Easy access and scalability to thousands office and branch locations
  • Secure customer data and compily with regulatory requirements
  • Support new environments like HFT and mobile banking
  • Reduce capital exposure for non-core operations and focus on core business and competences
  • Agile ICT to support changes in business strategy 


Business Challenges Solutions Related Products
  • Simplify crucial network infrastructure
  • Strengthen business continuity and disaster recovery plans compliant with regulatory standards
  • Analyze petabytes of big data into actionable strategies
  • Agile ICT to support expansion and modifications of office and branch architecture
  • Increase security of online business operations
  • Strengthen readiness against cyber attacks
  • Keep pace with growing demand for storage and computing power
  • Enable and support new product and revenue streams 
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