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Do not let your business be disrupted

In today’s connected economy, the Internet is one of the most important tools used by businesses. An effective web presence strategy delivers services, generates revenue and enables enterprises to exchange information between key stakeholders in the business value chain.  What would you do if your web presence was under attack and your business could not function for hours, days or even weeks?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is one of the most serious threats facing companies. The severity and frequency of these attacks are increasing and all types of businesses are vulnerable. Don’t let DDoS attacks damage your profitability, reputation and customer confidence. Work with the DDoS protection experts at GTS and safeguard your business against future attacks.


  • Proactive monitoring and 24x7 support to ensure maximum uptime
  • Around-the-clock protection  
  • Real-time event detection of different types of attacks
  • Service-level guarantees for customer notification and mitigation
  • Specialized resources leveraging best-in-class network insight and DDoS scrubbing technologies
  • Cleaning Center providing deep packet inspection
  • Network Intelligence Portal for online reporting and analytics
  • No per-attack service charges
  • No malicious traffic on-ramping charges



Overview Steps Applications Specifications Service Coverage
Recent reports indicate that the number of DDoS attacks have grown 20% from last year with an average magnitude reaching even 40-50Gbps per incident. Given the scale and sophistication of today’s attacks, traditional protection techniques such as perimeter-based hardware or overprovisioning of bandwidth are no longer effective. Only network-based protection can ensure DDoS protection and the highest level of business continuity.  
GTS’ Anti-DDoS service provides around-the-clock protection and minimizes the negative effects of an attacks by actively monitoring and executing a set technical and procedural countermeasures for fast mitigation. GTS’ experienced security professionals at the cleaning center work closely with you to ensure malicious traffic is blocked and only legitimate traffic continues to flow. This managed service is transparent to your business and does not require any sophisticated routing changes nor any software or hardware on your end.

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